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Simply put - anything metal - one stop metal shop. We design, fabricate and install, high quality work at a very competitive price. Commercial, industrial, residential, custom design, heavy equipment repair, quarry equipment, railings, stairs, fences, gates, metal art, custom topiaries, ornamental and architectural metal work, and more...let your imagination run wild!

Custom designed and ornamental:
• Railings
• Awnings
• Fences
• Grills
• Gates
• Metal Art
• Metal Furniture
• Arbors
• Topiaries
• Circular and curved stairs and landings
and more…see below! 
Grills Fences
Outdoor Furnaces Outdoor Furnaces

SHOWN ABOVE : Outdoor Furnaces
BTU approximate output 375,000 per hour • Dimensions 4” W x 80” D x 62” H, Firebox length 60 inches • Firebox opening 22x22 • 1/4 inch steel plate water tank and firebox • 18 gauge stainless steel exterior finish and 4 foot smoke stack • 3” thick fiberglass insulation • The circulation pump and electrical connections are easily accessible through removable access panel in the back of unit • Shaker grates with exterior handles to make ash removal easy • Large ash pit and large clean out door for convenient ash removal • The unit comes complete with controls, wiring, and ball valves for easy hook up • Easily installs and adapts in any forced air or hot water heating system - We can build any size to suit your needs!

More Custom Work :
• Mezzanines and catwalks
• Light structural steel fabrication
• Heavy Equipment Repair
• Quarry Certified
• Automotive accents
• Steel Pipe Threading and Fitting
• All types of metal repair work
• Concrete pan stairs and landings
• Bar grating stairs

Materials used:
• Aluminum
• Stainless Steel
• Cast Iron
• Brass
• Copper